UPTIME Services

Continuous real-time system monitoring is the heart of our proactive service solutions.
In a cardiology department, imaging systems play an increasingly important role, especially in providing critical support for interventional procedures.
That’s why our proactive service solutions - powered by Siemens Remote Service - have been developed to help you increase your system availability and reliability, workflow efficiency, and system utilization. The Siemens Guardian ProgramTM provides real-time remote system monitoring. By continuously supervising your system for deviations, the Guardian Program makes it possible to detect and resolve system errors before malfunctions occur. As an additional offering, the Siemens Guardian Program including TubeGuard can predict the majority of all potential CT tube failures within the SOMATOM Definition family and Biograph mCT.

UPTIME Services, a strong partner for your cardiology department through:
• Earlier failure detection
• Faster repair times
• Planned spare parts replacement
• Prevention of unscheduled downtimes
• Improved patient planning and throughput
• Minimization of on-site visits
• Higher system availability
• Better utilization of your system potential


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