European Reference Center Cardiovascular Medicine Monaco

Centre Cardio-thoracique de Monaco

Based on a long history of a successful partnership, the Cardiothoracic Center of Monaco (C.C.M.) and Siemens Healthcare have combined strengths to establish a cardiovascular reference site. The scope of the partnership is to share knowledge in multi-modality clinical trainings and fellowships, exchange experience by hosting visitors to discuss clinical workflows and best practices and to further support development by conducting collaboration projects that validate new diagnostic and therapeutic applications in a multimodality setting for specific clinical conditions.


At the Reference Center, multimodality clinical trainings and fellowships as well as clinical workflow visits enable knowledge sharing and exchanging experience. In various projects, the two partners are developing and validating new diagnostic and therapeutic concepts that concentrate on multimodality clinical workflows in individual disease patterns.

Siemens European Reference Center Cardiovascular Medicine Monaco

Exchanging experience

Experience the impact that state-of-the-art medical technology and IT can make on the quality and efficiency of cardiovascular care: take part in a site visit that will offer you a demonstration of the integrated use of multiple modalities in your clinical routines.


Sharing knowledge

Developing and sharing in-depth expertise is essential to answer the questions that arise in the challenging diagnostic and therapeutic processes in patients with cardiovascular disease. In addition, as the healthcare economic climate changes, clinical practice evolves, it is essential to learn from healthcare providers that have successfully streamlined processes to obtain the most from their investments. 


Driving the development of new solutions

Bringing together knowledge, experience and innovation at the Siemens European Reference Center Cardiovascular Medicine provides support for the research and development of Siemens Healthcare by consulting on scientific trends, applications, and state-of-the-art modalities. 


Two strong partners, one shared vision

"Our establishment as Siemens Reference Center is a major step in our goal to advance the complete medical and surgical treatment of all thoracic and cardiovascular disorders.”
Prof. V. Dor, CEO Cardiothoracic Center of Monaco 

"Bringing two strong partners together to enable people, services, and technology to deliver better clinical value and improving operational outcomes in cardiovascular care.”
Dr. Bernd Montag, CEO Siemens Healthcare


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