Virtual MR/Ultrasound Guidance for TRUS Assisted Prostate Biopsy

Siemens offers the ArtemisTM solution by Eigen1

With ArtemisTM by Eigen, Siemens Accessories Solutions offers a comprehensive and proven system for integrating reliable multiparametric MRI information into TRUS-guided prostate biopsies.

ArtemisTM by Eigen

The key elements for a successful clinical integration of multiparametric MR information into TRUS-assisted prostate biopsies are:

  • Ease of use
  • Standardized integration of multiparametric MRI information
  • Suitability for transrectal and perineal procedures

The ArtemisTM comprises three system components that support the streamlined and efficient workflow needed to integrate multiparametric MRI into TRUS-guided prostate biopsies. With a reported total intervention time of approximately 20 minutes2 it has a clear advantage in terms of intervention compared to targeted prostate biopsies performed under direct MRI guidance.3


ArtemisTM – Three System Components for Diagnostic Confidence

Definition of region of interest for interventions based on multiparametric MRI with a comprehensive planning tool

  • Available where needed e.g. in the radiology reading room, at a separate workplace, during an intervention
  • Easy communication of intervention planning data to the ArtemisTM biopsy system


Integration of MR data into TRUS assisted biopsy

  • Quick and easy
  • Takes endorectal coils, bladder filling, and patient position into account

Semi-automated TRUS-guided prostate biopsy

  • 3D navigation and real-time control
  • Accelerates biopsy procedures
  • Detailed reporting and management of pathology and clinical history

1 The information shown herein refers to products of 3rd party manufacturer’s (ArtemisTM, Eigen) and thus are in their regulatory responsibility. Please contact the 3rd party manufacturer for further information.

2 Sonn, G.A. et al.; Targeted Biopsy in the Detection of Prostate Cancer using an Office-Based MR-US Fusion Device; J Urol., 2013 January ;189(1): 86–91. DOI:10.1016/j.juro.2012.08.095

3 Overduin, C. et al. MRI-Guided Biopsy for Prostate Cancer Detection: A Systematic Review of Current Clinical Results; Curr Urol. Rep (2013) 14:209–213. DOI 10.1007/s11934-013-0323-z

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