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Providing value-based healthcare

The expanded portfolio with the addition of solutions from Medicalis is designed to enable healthcare providers to effectively bridge between PHM at the health system level and at the departmental level. Siemens Healthineers is helping healthcare providers worldwide meet current challenges and excel in their respective environments.

  • Medicalis Clinical Decision Support provides the mechanism, as defined under the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA), to check appropriateness of imaging orders and enables healthcare providers to define and evolve their standard of care, according to their appropriate use criteria (AUC), based on evidence and best practice. Today, 20%–30%1 of high-tech imaging procedures fail to provide information that improves patient welfare and, therefore, may represent, at least in part, unnecessary imaging services.
  • Medicalis Workflow Orchestrator orchestrates the interpreting physician desktop, streamlining workflow, and standardization of diagnostic pathways for high-impact disease states. It ensures the right specialist, the right tools, a timely read, and prevention of care gaps.
  • Medicalis Referral Management helps to avoid breaks in care by providing simple appointment scheduling tools, which help a patient schedule examinations in their network. This avoids leakage of patient information to another health system, which breaks communication and causes lost revenue.

These offerings are expected to deliver desired service levels at lower costs while improving quality and productivity for healthcare providers.

1Pubs.rsna.org: Addressing Over-utilizations in Medical Imaging – DOI: 10.1148/radio1.10100063 (Issue publication date: October 2010)