Daily success with 1.5T.

MAGNETOM Sempra, for your daily success, comes equipped with the latest technological features, aiding you in obtaining excellent image quality and boosting efficiency.

Magnet System 
Field strength1.5 Tesla
Bore size60 cm / 1.97 ft
Helium consumptionZero Helium boil-off technology
ShimmingPassive and active
RF technologyTim [96 x 16], [96 x 8]
Power consumptionEco-Power technology
Siting and Installation 
System length171 cm / 5.61 ft
System weight (in operation)4.55 tons / 10,035.44 lb
Minimum room size128 m2 / 302 sq ft


1 Minimum total space requirement for magnet, electronics, and console room.

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