syngo.MR Tissue4D


Supports two models:

  • The Tofts model (k-trans, kep, Ve and AUC)
  • A qualitative model ( wash-in, wash-out, peak enhancement, arrival time and time to peak) 

Performs the following functions automatically (based on the user’s input):

  • Motion correction of dynamic series: choice of reference volume; registration of all volumes to the reference volume
  • Alignment of pre-contrast and morphology to dynamic reference 
  • Pharmacokinetic modeling: definition of evaluation volume; choice of model and it’s parameters; computation of parametric maps according to the model



  • Provides additional functional information regarding tumors
  • Supports the analysis of the enhancement curve, thereby revealing information on the vascularization and permeability of tumors
  • Can be dropped “ad hoc” into other oncology workflows in order to complete the lesion analysis
  • Pre-processing is the heart of this application, set your preferred settings once and then read, quantify and report every case the same way. This user defined automation significantly reduces user interaction. 
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