Hand/Wrist 16


  • 16-channel coil with 16 integrated preamplifiers
  • iPAT-compatible in all directions
  • Hinged design of the upper part for quick and easy patient positioning
  • Stabilization pads for comfortable positioning
  • Holder allows off-center positioning to ensure a comfortable position for the patient
  • Dual-Density Signal Transfer enables ultra-high density coil designs by integrating key RF components into the local coil
  • SlideConnect® technology for easy coil set up 



  • High resolution hand and wrist imaging


Typically combined with

  • Body 18
  • Flex Large 4
  • Flex Small 4
  • Loop Coils  


Technical Data

Dimensions: Coil approx. 332 mm × 215 mm × 115 mm (L × W × H)

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