Right Dose Portfolio Overview

Right Approach to Radiation Dose Management

The Right Dose Consulting, Training and Education Offerings are developed to help you and your staff to fully exploit the capabilities of Siemens dose-sensitive and dose-reducing technology and achieve maximum efficiency in you clinical routine.

Our Right Dose Service Offerings are included within the Siemens Healthcare Customer Care Program and add to our company’s portfolio of dose-sensitive and dose-reducing technology. For more information about our Siemens Healthcare Customer Care Program offerings, please visit our Customer Service website.

Education Services

Education Plans

Education Plans are developed to help you and your staff to fully exploit the capabilities of our Siemens Healthineers medical equipment and achieve maximum efficiency in the clinical routine. Benefit from keeping your staff’s expertise and equipment on a high level with a long-term perspective and a close eye on recent developments and new requirements.

Siemens has developed a comprehensive program with a holistic approach to help lower dose. Optimize CARE is a dose optimization program that provides expert insights, methods, and tools which help users of dose emitting technology develop a customized roadmap for improving their dose performance.

customer services cradle main image

CRADLE – stands for Contrast Reducing Analysis Decreasing Load & Expenses. This comprehensive consultancy program advances and optimizes medication safety and dose management. Your patients get the appropriate contrast media dose per CT examination, adapted to their individual medical condition, without compromising on image quality.

Options and Upgrades

With Siemens Options & Upgrades you can keep them state of the art and stay competitive – expanding your clinical capabilities and reducing total cost of ownership. Here you can find only a extend of Options and Upgrade highlights:

CDV Asset Planning

Maximize the potential of your Siemens system with an Asset Planning Session.

What is an Asset Planning Session all about and why does it make sense to engage in one?

Our Asset Planning Session helps identify areas and means to extend the life of your installed systems and plan your investments accordingly. Resulting from this discussion we will create a scalable and personalized Asset Management Plan that aligns to your organization‘s size, overall business and clinical strategy.

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