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  • What is an Asset Planning Session? Together with the key influencers and decision-makers in your healthcare facility’s executive team, we will create an asset management plan closely aligned to your organization’s overall business and clinical strategy. During Siemens unique Customer Development Session, we work with you in examining key demographics and market trends, as well as identifying new growth opportunities for your business.

  • What is "Extend your system lease?" If your system is currently leased with Siemens Financial Services, we can use the existing leasing contract as a basis to finance your system upgrade. Also, by extending the contract term there is the opportunity to adjust the current leasing rates.
  • What is "Sale & Lease back"? If you have a Siemens system as an asset, we can offer to purchase your system, buy the upgrade and lease the upgraded system back to you. Alternatively, the value of your system can be used to save on interest for the upgraded leaseback asset.
  • What is a "Flexible Spending Account"? Quarterly or annual pre-payments accumulate over time to provide the financial ability to upgrade your system. Additionally, we increase your purchasing power by providing an early payment rebate to your FSA.

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