Symbia Intevo Bold

More CT for your SPECT/CT.

Building on the core and optional technologies available across our SPECT/CT portfolio, Symbia Intevo Bold offers you even more CT choices to enhance your capabilities.

SAFIRE (Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction)1

Reduce radiation dose while maintaining image quality.


iMAR (Interative Metal Artifact Reduction)

See more detail by reducing metal artifacts. iMAR2 lets you vercome the effects of metal artifacts in challenging exams.


IVR (Interleaved Volume Reconstruction) (32-Slice)

Reconstruct up to 32 slices to evaluate small structures.

Dual Energy Scan

Improve image quality with two sequential spiral scans at different energies.

1 SAFIRE is optional on Symbia Intevo Bold. In clinical practice, the use of SAFIRE may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. Data on file.

2 iMAR is optional on Symbia Intevo Bold. The amount of metal artifact reduction and corresponding improvement in image quality depends on a number of factors including: composition and size of the metal object, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. It is recommended to perform reconstructions with iMAR-enabled in addition to conventional reconstruction without iMAR.

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