MAGNETOM Flash – RSNA Edition – Issue 60


This RSNA issue presents a mixture of recent advances in MRI technology and clinically relevant articles: Read about GRASP, the next step in abdominopelvic MRI; Learn why proton MRI of the lungs and pleura is especially pertinent to patients with long life expectancies; See that multiparametric MRI is valuable also for musculoskeletal applications; and read how to improve the efficiency as well as the safety of cardiac MRI. The overview of the spectrum of demyelianating disorders and their typical and atypical imaging findings will be especially relevant to your daily clinical practice and we are sure that you will enjoy the history of 30 years of innovation at Siemens. 


Guest editor Jeong Min Lee, M.D. (Soul National University, College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea)

1Not for distribution in the US