MAGNETOM Flash1 – ISMRM Edition – Issue 62


This issue features a number of articles that focus on delivering high quality services in less time and at acceptable prices:

  • Fast and reproducible imaging (20% more examinations with fit-Upgrades or streamlined workflow with the new Dot Cockpit)
  • Efficient multiparametric and simultaneous multimodality imaging for diagnostics and for therapy monitoring (comprehensive liver fat quantification in a single breathhold; 3T prostate MRI, multi-delay ASL perfusion in Moyamoya disease or mMR for staging and treatment decision in Klatskin’s tumor)
  • Multidimensional dynamic imaging (4D-MRI of moving targets) and guidance of therapeutic interventions (Radiotherapy planning of Head & Neck Ca. or MR-only planning for prostate radiation therapy) 


Editorial by Michael Schaaf, Head of the Technology and Research Department MR at Siemens Healthcare

1Not for distribution in the US