Inspiring ambassadors in the name of pink

Healthcare News | 2012-02-01


The global breast cancer awareness campaign “Turn your city pink!” has now been running for three months, and hundreds of inspiring submissions from all over the world have been received. Those who have survived breast cancer have come to find the campaign meaningful and contribute to the cause through their engagement by helping inform the public about early detection. Two survivors in particular were named the monthly winners for November and December.


Baring her claws

Isa Theobald from Saarlouis, Germany, was 33-years-old when she was diagnosed with cancer and experienced herself the physical and emotional pain of surgery and chemotherapy. She decided to face the disease with optimism and had a stunning, bare-all photo-shoot showing the effects of the treatment. Titled “dreams”, one of her photos depicts Isa as the wild cat symbolizing her survival and strength.

Two of a kind

Another inspiring ambassador for the cause is Jule Kratzsch from Donauwörth, Germany. Her black and white photo that was taken during chemotherapy received a remarkable 515 “likes” and has been the most-liked submission so far. Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28, the geriatric nurse went through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy. She joined a Facebook community, where she befriended Isa. Inspired by her commitment to the “Turn Your City Pink!” campaign, the mother of two children decided to upload her picture as well.

Spreading awareness worldwide

The global campaign “Turn your city pink!”, aims to raise breast cancer awareness. Pink is the international color for breast cancer and by using this well-known color, the campaign strives to get people all over the world engaged in the cause. Participants can upload pictures or videos of their pink contributions to the campaign Website and share them with family and friends. Every entry will be rewarded with a five US-Dollar donation to a selected breast cancer charity.

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