It’s the key to 3T

Healthcare News | 2012-03-12

MAGNETOM Spectra. The key to 3T

Developed countries strive to make their healthcare systems more efficient to ensure they remain accessible for all patients. At the same time, emerging countries are dedicated to healthcare systems that provide access to quality care for their population. What connects them is the need for high quality patient care that also takes into account the limited budget situation that they are facing. In order to stay competitive, healthcare providers must focus on high-quality outcomes, low operational costs, and high patient comfort at the same time. Siemens is aware of this challenge and developed the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, MAGNETOM® Spectra1. The new scanner can be seen as a sound investment, offering state-of-the-art, high-end technology on the newest available system platform. In addition, an excellent usability concept at a sensible total cost-of-ownership is offered. This will give healthcare professionals an unprecedented opportunity to invest in premium MRI capabilities and it offers smaller hospitals and private practices access to 3 Tesla technology. All of these factors contribute to delivering high-level patient care, which is the ultimate goal.

Kaori Togashi, MD, PhD, Kyoto on quality.

Granting access to unchallenged quality

3 Tesla MRI has successfully entered the clinical field. However, tight budgets are often limiting the access to this premium imaging technology. MAGNETOM Spectra is an answer to this challenge – a 3T scanner specifically developed for clinical use, it combines excellent 3 Tesla image quality and the well-proven Siemens product standards. In addition, it can be used for the full range of clinical applications “Everybody knows that 3 Tesla machines have a very, very high quality and generate beautiful, high resolution images,” answered Kaori Togashi, MD, PhD, in Kyoto, Japan, who was the first woman chairperson of radiology in Japan.

Serhan Atilla, MD, Istanbul on usability

Offering greater confidence and security

Just like other MRI systems currently offered by Siemens, MAGNETOM Spectra is easy to operate. It is equipped with modern technologies designed to ensure efficient operation. “Our goal is reproducible, high-quality images from any type of patient,” states Serhan Atilla, MD, from Istanbul, Turkey. The integrated Tim (Total imaging matrix) 4G as well as Dot® (Day optimizing throughput) technologies are answers to this demand. The consistent user interface of MAGNETOM Spectra supports clinical staff in their daily work by offering familiar operating elements and reading solutions for all modalities.

No compromises when it comes to patient care

Customers are well aware of the advantages 3 Tesla MRI offers with regards to diagnostics and clinical outcomes. MAGNETOM Spectra makes this technology more accessible for many clinical fields to allow more patients to benefit from these advantages. “3 Tesla is part of the future. Especially if a radiologist wants to do the tough cases because you have better spatial resolution and you have better temporal resolution,” says Romeu Domingues, MD, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Domingues, CEO of one of the largest radiology providers in Brazil, knows that enhanced image quality does not only offer greater confidence for the clinical staff, also patients can feel properly attended to.

Key Benefits

  • Cutting-edge 3 Tesla technology
  • Tim 4th generation radio frequency (4G RF) technology with DirectRF
  • Dot technology for outstanding image consistency, high reproducibility, and workflow optimization
  • One user interface and one common reading solution for all modalities with syngo® and syngo.via
  • Maximum range of clinical applications
  • Easy and comfortable patient setup

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1 The product is still under development and not commercially available yet. Its future availability cannot be ensured.

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