Malaysia breaks through the electronic frontier

Healthcare News | 2012-05-09


After moving into a luxurious new facility in Kuala Lumpur’s posh embassy row of the Jalan Ampang district, HSC Medical Center is being hailed as the prototype hospital of the future, with a suite of Siemens imaging equipment and imaging IT software plugged into the in-house network of electronic medical records. This tropical nation is now being powered into regional leadership by HSC Medical Center’s innovative system of patient-centered diagnostics and treatment.


State-of-the-art systems

The inauguration in April 2011 of HSC Medical Center as a complete hospital has transformed the former outpatient clinic into one of the world’s most advanced medical facilities. The floor plan was designed to guide incoming patients along a circuit of lab tests and scans with state-of-art equipment including the SOMATOM® Definition Flash computed tomography scanner, MAGNETOM® Aera 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging system, Artis zee® angiography system, and other Siemens devices. “People used to suffer great anxiety waiting two days or even two weeks to learn the results from their medical tests,” says cardiologist and hospital director Soo Chee Siong, MD. Now his team of radiologists and specialist physicians present diagnoses to patients within two hours through syngo.via and syngo.plaza software.

Sharper images and lower doses are enabling the HSC staff not only to examine life-threatening disorders but also to detect emerging problems once impossible to identify in the early stages. Radiologists like Sharin Samat, MD, have become sophisticated medical detectives with the help of full-body scans and rapid-sequence images of moving organs, including the beating heart. Now increasing numbers of patients with mid-level risk are seeking it as part of their annual check-ups. As a result, potential problems like soft plugs in arteries can be treated with medication or changes to diet and lifestyle. “Consulting physicians can access images and post their diagnostic notes from other hospitals and clinics,” Samat says. For medical tourists, the teleradiology features from syngo.plaza and the syngo Workflow radiology information system (RIS) are especially important, since their personal physicians are overseas.

Key Benefits

  • High-quality images with faster processing time, enabling better diagnostics and cost efficiency for hospital and patients
  • Early detection of emerging disorders, enabling patients to avert drastic surgery
  • Speed of diagnostic findings, reducing anxiety and unease for patients
  • Faster diagnosis and treatment, attracting medical tourists from around the world

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