Brazil goes ultra-high field for the first time

Healthcare News | 2012-06-18

Signature of the partnership contract

With the MAGNETOM® 7T1 magnetic resonance research platform, Siemens is bringing ultra-high field imaging for the first time to Brazil and Latin America. The partnership between the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil (USP) and Siemens combines the Brazilian autopsy service – the world’s largest – with advanced imaging knowledge. The cooperation was announced in early May at the fourth largest radiology congress in the world: Jornadas Paulistas de Radiologia (JPR) in Brazil.

Building long-lasting knowledge

According to the project coordinator of USP, Paulo Hilário Nascimento Saldiva, PhD, MD, knowledge from the research with the 7 Tesla system will be essential to consolidate core research and development in diagnostic imaging in the country. "Imagine taking the entire autopsy database that Brazil has and attach it to the capacity of 7 Tesla. This creates a great deal of knowledge," says Saldiva. Only a select group of leading institutions worldwide perform research and innovate at ultra-high fields. Saldiva emphasizes the importance of bringing a cutting-edge scanner to the country. "This project is open to the world. Many institutions have shown interest," he says.

MAGNETOM 7 Tesla Research Platform

With a dose of solid support

Siemens will, besides being the manufacturer of the equipment, support the project with maintenance and training of professionals. "Siemens was the only company that met the desire to really make a research partnership," says Saldiva. The equipment will be part of USP’s laboratory, consisting of ultrasound devices and computed tomography scanners, to be released in one to two years. According to the Saldiva, the partnership will bring major advances in the early diagnosis of cancers, neurological, and cardiac diseases, as well as others, because of the ability to harness new and more accurate information.

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