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Healthcare News | 2012-07-25


The radiology department at The Alfred, Melbourne, Australia performed a study that focused on the potential to reduce fluoroscopic screening times for various diagnostic procedures using CAREposition. CAREposition is a Siemens functionality that enables accurate repositioning of the patient under visual control without radiation exposure. Guidance is provided by a centrally positioned crosshair marking the central beam while the collimated field of view (FOV) is visually displayed as a white outlined rectangular box. CAREposition aims to reduce fluoroscopic screening time which was the primary focus of this study. The goal of the study was to quantify these savings, not to investigate dose minimization.

Femoral angiographyTrans-jugular liver biopsy

Taking it down

Data from approximately 2,200 procedures were obtained for the study. The study focused on obtaining the most accurate data, only procedures (diagnostic or interventional) with standardized imaging and relatively high case numbers. The study found that CAREposition appeared to be most beneficial in the scenario of sequential diagnostic imaging of peripheral vasculature, whereby accurate overlap between acquisitions could be achieved with minimal fluoroscopy. Aorto-femoral diagnostic angiographic studies saw a 7 percent reduction in screening time (3:26 to 3:11 minutes), with single leg diagnostic studies demonstrating a 21 percent reduction (1:30 to 1:11 minutes). A similar result was demonstrated for diagnostic AV fistulography, where a 26 percent reduction (1:06 to 0:49 minutes) was observed.

Encouraging results

CAREposition provides radiation-free fluoroscopic and angiographic positioning with the use of graphic markers overlaid on the fluoroscopic last image hold. The study demonstrated that the utilization of CAREposition resulted in a modest decrease in screening times for a range of diagnostic procedures with greatest benefit being demonstrated when used in sequential diagnostic imaging of peripheral vasculature.

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