New webinars: Challenges of Vitamin D Testing

Healthcare News | 2012-08-05


Siemens is pleased to announce two new complimentary webinars, Vitamin D: Understanding the Technical Challenges in Testing, and Vitamin D: Clinical Utility and Challenges in Testing, are now available at your convenience.

Vitamin D: Understanding the Technical Challenges in Testing

Variability of total 25(OH) vitamin D results remains a hot topic today as more options are available to laboratories. Access the webinar at to listen to a discussion on the challenges in vitamin D testing and opportunities to improve results in the future.

Webinar Objectives:

- Learn how an assay needs to be designed in order to correctly measure total 25(OH) vitamin D

- Discover why total 25(OH) vitamin D assay method correlations can produce discordant results

- Understand how the implementation of the CDC standardization program will improve results across manufacturers and methods for total 25(OH) vitamin D measurement

Hosted by James Freeman, Director, Assay Development, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY.

Vitamin D: Clinical Utility and Challenges in Testing

Review the historical development, clinical utility and expert consensus and standardization of vitamin D. Access the new webinar at to learn about the evolution of vitamin D testing and how to manage patients with the current challenges in testing.

Webinar Objectives:

- Learn about clinical utility and guidelines, as well as, expert consensus on interpretation of results

- Discover why testing challenges exist for the measurement of total 25(OH) vitamin D and how that impacts patient care

- Understand how implementation of a universal standard should improve results

Hosted by Paul Sibley, PhD, Senior Global Commercial Marketing, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Llanberis, Wales.

As part of our commitment to the ongoing success of our customers, Siemens offers a diverse selection of educational webinars, ranging from clinical excellence to patient services. For more information about Siemens educational offerings, please go to

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