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Healthcare News | 2012-08-09

Life Healthcare’s Flora Clinic’s team in South Africa

A true hybrid operating theater was installed at Life Healthcare’s Flora Clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Artis zeego angiography system treats complex cardiology cases.The first truly hybrid operating theater has been installed at Life Healthcare’s Flora Clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa. Used for vascular and cardiology work, the Artis zeego® angiography system offers advanced imaging capabilities that fulfills the requirements for treating complex cases; for example, high risk patients and structural heart disease.

What it can do

One of the most valuable Artis zeego features is its ability to provide large volume, cross sectional syngo DynaCT 360 degree visualization in a single, six second sweep. The Artis zeego is also the first multi-axis system that can be adjusted for individual operator preferences such as a flexible iso centre which means that its height can be easily adjusted - a significant advantage for the various surgeons working on the system. It also boasts a flexible rotating detector and collimator.


Remaining affordable

Life Healthcare’s Flora Clinic has long had a vision to deliver high quality medical care while still remaining affordable. “We are very committed to cardio vascular and cardiac services at Flora Clinic. This hybrid theater provides our specialists with a state-of-the-art facility and although the cost was significant, ultimately some of the procedures we’re now able to offer will be cheaper for patients and their medical aids,” says hospital manager, Justin Gavanescu, MD. “Instead of a number of machines, we now have one high-tech machine which has incredible capabilities and many uses. It’s a very versatile machine which not only provides extremely good quality imaging, but is fully automated and easy to use.”

“There is no question that if you intend to be on the cutting-edge of technology in terms of vascular surgery, you need a hybrid theater of this nature,” stresses vascular surgeon, Jay Pillai, MD. “We have only been using it for two weeks but already we are seeing the benefits. Not only has it extended the spectrum of cases we are able to handle, but we’re also able to handle more complex cases. We’re saving a significant amount of time: a case that would typically take us 90 minutes is now taking less than an hour. Patient safety has also increased: we’re able to use significantly less contrast and radiation exposure has also reduced. The other big benefit is that we can use more than one specialist at a time on complex cases.”

Optimized surgeries

Cardio thoracic surgeon, Jaco Botha, MD, is equally complimentary: “This hybrid theater will allow us to expand our practice and offer most modern surgeries.” Using the hybrid theater, he intends to start a number of additional programs including a valve replacement program and an aortic partial bypass program. “We’re able to do a full heart bypass in this theater and because the theater includes a heart lung machine, it’s much safer for the patient and gives us a huge safety net. I am very excited to start working with this theater. There is nothing like it currently available in South Africa and there is no doubt that it will be opening up whole new dimension to our practice.”

A bright future

Hybrid operating rooms are ideally suited for performing new therapeautic procedures such as aortic valve replacements, mitral valve repairs, and epicardial ablations of ventricular tachycardias. “We’re very excited about this fellowship opportunity being provided by Siemens,” admits Gavanescu. “We have very good surgeons who are committed to excellent patient outcomes. With the help of this hybrid lab, we believe we are positioning Flora Clinic at the forefront of technological capabilities.”

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