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Healthcare News | 2012-10-04


Siemens Molecular Imaging recently launched Inveon Research Workplace (IRW) 4.1, the latest version of its image visualization and analysis software package for preclinical imaging applications. IRW is a comprehensive workflow solution for preclinical visualization, analysis and data sharing in imaging research.


Simplified and Consistent Workflows

Building upon the 4.0 version of Siemens IRW software, IRW 4.1 contains enhanced features and capabilities for improved workflow, synchronized quantification, and persistent image visualization settings. IRW 4.1 increases efficiency with simplified and consistent workflows. The new solution enables users to return to the data preparation step of the analysis workflow – where filters, cropping, and reorientation changes can be applied – without having to close the application and reload the data.


Help Breakthrough Discoveries

The single-click quantification parameters settings allow synchronized quantification throughout the application workflow. With this new feature, users can perform faster data quantification and reduce potential errors stemming from mismatched quantification parameters. Additionally, IRW 4.1 also contains enhancements to image visualization workflow with settings that persist through the entire visualization workflow. “This will empower our customers in their research and inspire them to make breakthrough discoveries in molecular diagnosis and therapy,” said Kirti Patel, vice president and general manager, Siemens Preclinical Solutions.

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