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Healthcare News | 2013-04-09


“The large amount of routine data from clinical work at Vienna General Hospital (AKH) allows researchers at the Medical University of Vienna to search for previously undiscovered correlations and find evidence to support new hypotheses,” explains Dr. Thomas Wrba, project leader responsible for the scientific aspects of the new AKH information management system – AKIM.

Previously, the amount of additional effort required for scientific analyses was high, because data was collected separately and had to be entered into the university’s own system additionally. Now, the division between IT for routine hospital work and IT for research and teaching has been overcome. Due to the cooperation between Vienna General Hospital and the Medical University of Vienna, the scientific platform – ArchiMed RDA (Research Documentation and Analysis) – can be accessed directly from the Siemens clinical information system,®. Data collection during patient treatment at the clinic and for scientific projects can therefore be done in one step on the same computer.


The advantage of this link between the two information systems becomes most evident in the collection of particularly expansive datasets, for example for patients with tumors due to the variety of diagnoses and treatment options. This data can now be transferred directly from® to the AKIM scientific platform. “The new tools also make it possible to preselect data from the transferred data pool to focus on a particular research question,” explains Dr. Wrba a further example of the new possibilities that have been opened up by joining up the two systems. “It allows us to further improve the documentation, an important contribution to quality assurance of data in scientific use.”


Through the AKIM project, the Medical University of Vienna and Vienna General Hospital hope to strengthen and further extend the foundation for excellence in medicine as well as success in research and teaching.

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