syngo Dynamics and syngo.via at work in Gaia, Portugal

Healthcare News | 2013-04-15


Dr. Vasco Gama, Head of the Cardiology Department at Centro Hopitalar Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal talked with Siemens about his clinical experience when combining syngo Dynamics with syngo.via1.

According to Dr. Gama, the combination of the Cardiovascular Imaging and Information System (CVIS) with the advanced image reading software enables him and his team a streamlined workflow - from multimodality image review to enterprise-wide access to data, including the use of remote technologies. Automated data flow between syngo Dynamics and syngo.via helps provide fast and reliable results in reporting. This supports sound clinical decisions from examination to diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up plans. At the same time, crucial information from CT and MRI, for example, is available in one workplace, instead of separate disconnected systems as in the past. Having all the data available in one workplace, the staff can comfortably and efficiently discuss each patient case without changing systems or locations.

To learn more about the benefits Dr. Gama and his colleagues are experiencing, listen to his story right here:

Siemens Cardiovascular Imaging and Information System provides personalization of the healthcare providers’ workspace by bringing together the power of syngo® Dynamics for multi-modality cardiovascular imaging.

Siemens Cardiovascular IT offers a patient-centric view of the cardiovascular record and enables exam review, reporting and distribution through a single point of control.

The syngo.via 3D routine and advanced reading solution helps to accelerate workflows across all modalities, and is suitable for both day-to-day and more challenging cases.

Key Benefits

  • Unified cardiac reading & reporting
  • Streamlined workflow for greater efficiency
  • Automated data flow for fast and reliable results

Contact Center

International (English): +49 69 797 6602
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8 am to 5 pm CET

The outcomes achieved by the Siemens customers described herein were achieved in the customer's unique setting. Since there is no "typical" hospital and many variables exist (e.g. hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption) there can be no guarantee that others will achieve the same results.

1 syngo.via can be used as a standalone device or together with a variety of syngo.via-based software options, which are medical devices in their own right.

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