Cost-effective blood gas testing for low-volume sites

Healthcare News | 2013-07-25

Analyzer provides easy access to sensors, reagents, and waste.

Nearly all hospitals offer blood gas testing; however, the number of patient samples tested and the location of testing varies greatly from hospital to hospital. Sites testing fewer patient samples face unique challenges related to critical care testing. In such environments, blood gas systems must be able to deliver critical results soon after a test is ordered. Fast, reliable results can have significant impact on patient care. It is equally important that blood gas instruments be easy and cost-effective to operate in settings that may only need to test as few as 5 to 10 samples per day.

You can view results on-screen, output to onboard printer, or transmit to LIS/HIS.

“Providing a blood gas system designed to meet the special needs of low-volume testing sites is a key priority for Siemens,” said Sheila Gavan, Marketing Manager. “We introduced the RAPIDLab® 348EX Blood Gas System1 in Japan in 2012, and, as part of our commitment to increase access to healthcare worldwide, we will be rolling it out to select countries over the next two years.”

The RAPIDLab 348EX system features several new design elements specifically developed to help lower-volume laboratories maximize productivity by increasing ease of use and staff efficiencies. In addition to automatic calibration routines and wash sequences, this low-maintenance analyzer features a new, color touch screen and improved onboard printer to simplify operation. It also includes a bar-code scanner for patient and operator identification with an optional setting for continuously on, hands-free scanning.

Bar-code scanner helps ensure data integrity and increase workflow efficiency.

The RAPIDLab 348EX analyzer adds dialysate fluid testing to its menu and carries forward the proven sensor technologies and reliability already recognized in the RAPIDLab 248/348 systems. These include Ready Sensor® electrodes, automatic sample aspiration from either a syringe or capillary, and automatic detection of short samples, which shifts the analyzer into microsample mode, requiring no operator interaction.

The RAPIDLab 348EX system employs a robust, onboard processor to store patient test and quality control (QC) results, and data can be downloaded via the USB port. The system can connect to the RAPIDComm® Data Management System for centralized management and remote monitoring and control. It also may be directly interfaced to the hospital LIS/HIS.

Despite its robust feature set, the RAPIDLab 348EX instrument and supplies are packaged and priced to reflect the operating realities of low-volume laboratories. The cost of reagents, consumables, and disposables will not vary significantly, even if the patient workload occasionally increases.

Plans are underway to offer the RAPIDLab 348EX analyzer in select countries over the next two years. It has recently been released in:

- Austria

- Croatia

- France

- Germany

- India

- Indonesia

- Japan

- Malaysia

- The Netherlands

- South Korea

- Thailand

- Turkey

- The United Kingdom

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1 Not available for sale in the U.S. Product availability varies by country.

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