Join Siemens at the IATDMCT 13th International Congress

Healthcare News | 2013-09-12

Join Siemens at IATDMCT

At Siemens, we are passionate about answers. Answers that change the way you deliver life-changing test results. Answers that keep you running at your very best. At IATDMCT, you will discover answers that guide precision dosing and detect harmful abuse to help you achieve clinical excellence in patient management.

Visit us at Booth 209 to explore our featured products at IATDMCT, as well as our immunosuppressant, therapeutic drug, and drugs-of-abuse assays.

Date: September 22 – 26, 2013

Location: Grand America Hotel - Salt Lake City, USA

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics provides a complete offering of ISD testing on both dedicated and open-channel chemistry analyzers, meeting low-, mid-, and high-volume laboratory needs. And for more than 45 years, our Syva® product line and Emit® assays have proudly lead the development and manufacturing of innovative testing products for drugs-of-abuse, and a trusted partner in drug-testing diagnostics.

Our legacy of innovation is proven. Our commitment to providing a broad portfolio of high-quality testing options continues. Combined with a full ISD menu for your unique testing needs—from our Dimension® to our Viva-E® systems—we’re continuing our commitment to excellence in clinical toxicology and invite you to explore all we can do to support your laboratory, including:

- Emit 6-Acetylmorphine Assay

- Emit Caffeine Assay

- Cycolsporine Assay

- Tacrolimus Assay

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