IMMULITE/Dimension/Stratus CS Control Migration

Table 1

The following Siemens IMMULITE and RIA; controls will be discontinued and migrated to Bio-Rad controls:

Discontinued Siemens IMMULITE  and RIA controlsSiemens Part NumberBio-Rad Equivalent ControlBio-Rad Part NumberExpected Depletion Date
Con 610385346Lyphocheck Immunoassay Plus Level 1, 2, 3371, 372, 373March 2012
Cardiac Marker10385345Liquichek Card Marker Plus LT Level 1, 2, 3145, 147, 148March 2012
TMCO (Tumor Marker)10385590Liquicheck Tumor Marker Level 1, 2, 3547, 548, 549March 2012

Table 2

The following Siemens IMMULITE controls will continue to be available:

IMMULITE Controls Still Available from SiemensSiemens Part NumberControl CodeAvailable as Module or KitComment
3gAllergyTM Specific IgE Positive Control for D210485101 DC2LCM Module
IMMULITE Ferritin Control10385378 FECM Module Available ex-US only
Total IgE Control10385349 IEACM Module Available ex-US only
Cytokine Control10385389 ILCM Module Available ex-US and US (D)
10385291 ILCM(D)
Canine Control10385584 K9CON Module
Canine Thyroid Control10385585 K9TCM Module
IMMULITE Specific IgE Negative Control10485107 L2SNCCM Module
IMMULITE Thyroid Autoantibody Control10385381 LAACM Module
IMMULITE ACTH Control10385382 LACCM Module
IMMULITE Anti-Hepititis B Surface Antigen Controls LAHC1-3 Kit
IMMULITE AlaTop Control LATC1-2Kit Available ex-US only
IMMULITE Total Anti-HAV Control LAVC1-3Kit Available ex-US only
IMMULITE Beta 2 Microglobulin Control 10385587 LBMCM Module
IMMULITE HCG Control 10385358 LCGCM Module
IMMULITE Calcitonin Control 10385383 LCLCM Module
IMMULITE CRP Control 10385316 LCRCM Module
IMMULITE D-Dimer Control 10385330 LDDCM Module Available ex-US only
IMMULITE EBNA IgG Control LEBC1-2 Kit Available ex-US only
IMMULITE EBNA IgM control LEMC1-2 Kit Available ex-US only
IMMULITE ECP Control LEOCM Kit Available ex-US only
IMMULITE EPO Control 10385384 LEPCM Module
IMMULITE Free-Beta HCG Control 10385385 LFBCM Module Available ex-US only
IMMULITE Allergen Specific IgG4 Control LG4C1-2 Kit Available ex-US only
IMMULITE Gastrin Control 10385331 LGACM Module
IMMULITE Immulite Allergen Specific IgG Conrol LGGC1-2 Kit Available ex-US only
IGF Control Module 10385387 LGCOCM Module
IMMULITE Albumin Control 10385388 LHACM Module
IMMULITE Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Controls LHBC1-2 Kit
IMMULITE Anti- Hepatitis B Core Total Controls LHCC1-2 Kit
IMMULITE H. pylori Controls10469596 LHPGC1-3 Module, Kit
 IMMULITE Herpes Controls LHVGC1-2 Kit
 IMMULITE Insulin Controls 10286614 LINCM Module, Kit
 IMMULITE LBP Controls 10385337 LLBCM Module
 IMMULITE Canine TLI Controls 10385338 LLICM Module
 IMMULITE Anti-Hepatitis B Core IgM Controls LMCC1-3 Kit
 iMMULITE NT-proBNP Controls 10385339 LNTCM Module Available ex-US only
IMMULITE Osteocalcin Controls 10385415LONCM Module Available ex-US only
 IMMULITE PAP Control 10360480 LPACM Module
 IMMULITE PAPP-A Control 10385317 LPCCM Module Available ex-US only
 IMMULITE Pyrilinks-D Control 10385243 LPDCM Module
 IMMULITE Rubella IgM Controls 10469597LRMCM Module, Kit
 IMMULITE Rubella IgG Controls 10469599 LRUBCM Module, Kit
IMMULITE SHBG Controls 10285226 LSHCM Module, Kit
iMMULITE Syphilis Screen Controls 10469593 LSYCM Module, Kit
IMMULITE TBG Controls 10385244 LTBCM Module
IMMULITE 3rd Generation TSH Control 10385395 LTGCM Module
IMMULITE Toxoplasm IgM Controls LTMC1-2 Kit Available ex-US only
IMMULITE Toxoplasm IgG Control 10469600LTXPCM Module, Kit
IMMULITE Thyroglubulin Control 10385246 LTYCM Module Available ex-US and US (D)
 10385247 LTYCM(D)
IMMULITE Toxoplasma IgM (µ-capture) Control LTZC1-2 Kit Available ex-US only
3gAllergyTM Specific IgE Universal Kit Controls LUNC1-2 Kit
IMMULITE 3rd Generation PSA Control 10385396 LUPC Module
IMMULITE EBV-VCA IgG Controls LVGC1-2 KIt Available ex-US only
IMMULITE Anti-HAV IgM Controls LVMC1-3 Kit Available ex-US only
IMMULITE IL-10 Controls 10385248 LXPCM Module Available ex-US only
3gAllergyTM Specific IgE Positive Control for M6 10485106 MC6LCM Module
C-peptide Control 10385589 PECM Module
IMMULITE Intact PTH Control 10385354 PHCM Module
Serum Drug Control 10385397 SDC Module
Estradiol Control 10389765 E2TC1 Module

Table 3

The following Siemen RIA controls will continue to be available:

IMMULITE RIA Controls Still Available from SiemensSiemens Part NumberControl CodeAvailable as Module or KitComment
Anti-DNA Control - RIAADCO1-2Kit
Anemia Control - RIAANCKit
C-peptide Control10385589 PECMModule
Canine Control10385584K9CONModule                                
Canine Thyroid Control10385585K9TCMModule
Gastrin Control - RIA10385461GACMModule
Glucagon Control - RIAGNCO1-2Kit
IF bAb Positive Control -RIAISP5Kit
SHBG Controls - RIASHCO1-2Kit
Direct Androstenedione Control - RIATANC1-2Kit
Canine TLI Controls - RIATLCO1-3Kit
T3 Uptake Controls - RIATTU4-5Kit
Estradiol Control10389765E2TC1Module
Serum Drug Control10385397SDCModule
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