No matter which department you work in, be it Purchasing, Finance, or the Laboratory, you will be able to benefit from eCommerce with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics:


Available 24/7

  • You can place an order twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.
  • Orders are sent directly to our systems, processed immediately and your goods will be shipped as requested.


Efficient use of your time

  • Ordering via Electronic Marketplaces such as GHX, means you only have to enter your order once in your Purchasing system.



  • Instant order confirmation lets you know immediately that your order has been received.


Increased order accuracy

  • By having an accurate electronic catalog and a connection to our system, there are far fewer ordering discrepancies so you receive your orders more quickly.


Easy order – invoice reconciliation

  • Electronic invoices sent via integrated solutions such as GHX or direct EDI mean that you can reconcile data in an electronic way.


Always know where your products are

  • Advanced shipping notices tell you when your shipment will be delivered and where each particular product will be in that shipment, saving you time if you need to get a result out quickly.


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