Clinical Laboratory Consulting Solutions

Our Healthcare Consulting Solutions Team Is With You for the Entire Process
The Healthcare Consulting Solutions (HCS) team gets involved early in your project to help you identify the right fit for your specific needs from a broad portfolio of products, ranging from stand-alone testing systems to full scale automation solutions.

Concept Workflow Design
We understand that capability requirements are not your only consideration when selecting an optimal system for your laboratory. That’s why we create customized workflow scenarios to help maximize your organization’s productivity.

  • Concept Laboratory Design:  Allows us to analyze your workspace and make customized recommendations based on established best practices.
  • Simulation Tools:  Allow us to project future workflow and capacity enhancements based on potential throughput increases and enhanced patient care objectives.

Resource Utilization
Our Lean accredited HCS team uses tools such as Value Stream Mapping for the planning of solution deployment for your laboratory. We look for every opportunity to improve your workflow logistics, contain handling costs, and reduce errors. Lean and other tools offer specialized methodologies to envision how to streamline sample handling, reduce turnaround times, and optimize staffing resources. Throughout the process, we are committed to helping you prioritize needs and determining the investment required to achieve your goals.

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