ACUSON P300 Ultrasound System

The complete, portable patient care solution

A solid compact system designed for high performance and reliability 

The ACUSON P300ultrasound system is small and sleek in design, and packed with great imaging performance. This portable ultrasound system delivers excellent image quality and workflow efficiencies enabling clinicians to make confident diagnoses with high patient throughput.

Advanced Imaging Technologies

Advanced imaging technologies that come standard provide excellent image quality

  • Advanced spatial compounding to differentiate anatomy
  • Speckle reduction for smooth tissue texture simultaneously and enhance edges
  • Harmonic imaging to reduce artifact
  • Panoramic imaging to display extended field of view
  • 2D beam steering to improve needle visualization


ACUSON P300 Efficient Workflow

Efficient Workflow

  • Multiple predefined and user configurable presets for each clinical specialty and transducer, for simple operation
  • Multi-tasking capability of scanning while copy/transferring data and patient files
  • Customizable measurement and report packages meet specific clinical needs
  • Single button image optimization for 2D and Doppler minimize key strokes and save time
  • Sleek and mobile industrial design, two transducer ports, integrated power supply, battery operable, built-in DVD/RW drive and three USB ports


ACUSON P300 Portable Solution

Portable Solution Anywhere, Anytime

  • Small footprint that can fit into any clinical environment
  • Easily be on-the-go with height-adjustable cart
  • Battery operation for up to 80 minutes


Suite of Transducers

Suite of Transducers

  • Total of 13 transducers for a wide range of clinical applications
  • 18 MHz linear transducer for high detail resolution of superficial structures
  • Laparoscopic and intraoperative transducers available for specialty applications


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