Tissue Equalization

Tissue Equalization

    TEQ ultrasound technology
    TEQ ultrasound technology provides single-button optimization for 2D and spectral Doppler imaging, optimizing images for consistent reproducible image quality and reduced operator strain.

    2D TEQ technology:

    Spectral TEQ technology:

    • Optimizes scale, baseline and Doppler gain
    • Is independent of the user's gain settings
    • Doppler audio signal continues during Doppler TEQ technology optimization


    • Significantly reduces time spent optimizing images
    • Improves the consistency and quality of diagnostic exams


    • Can be utilized with any image acquired on an ACUSON S2000 ultrasound system or an ACUSON or SONOLINE Antares ultrasound system


    Additional Information
    Compatible with other advanced imaging options including B/W and Color SieScape panoramic imaging, 3-Scape™ real-time 3D imaging, Cadence™ contrast pulse sequencing technology option, Advanced SieClear™ spatial compounding, Dynamic TCE™ tissue contrast enhancement technology and Clarify vascular enhancement technology

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