Siremobil Compact L

The compact all-rounder for surgical imaging

Exceptional image quality
Siremobil Compact L features a new, digital 1K2 imaging system with ideally matched components. Together with its mu-metal shielded 23 cm (9") image intensifier, the imaging system offers high brightness and high contrast. Furthermore, two high-resolution TFT monitors display excellent, flicker-free images and provide a more than 170° viewing angle, horizontally as well as vertically. Beyond that, the uniquely designed X-ray tube supports extended fluoro times of more than 50 minutes – at the lowest possible dose. This is, for example, especially suited for thoracic imaging applications, such as the placement of pacemakers, which require exceptionally long fluoro times.

As little dose as possible

Siremobil Compact L follows the Siemens CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) initiative, which helps to reduce dose for both clinicians and patients. The collimator locations can be displayed on LIH (Last Image Hold) to avoid additional radiation during collimator adjustments.

Designed for easiest maneuverability

Siremobil Compact L is easy to handle, maneuver, and transport — it is small, lightweight, and ergonomic through and through. Color-coded brakes and scales facilitate unmistakable communication in a busy OR environment. The new image intensifier and chassis handles on the C-arm steadily enable accurate system adjustments, allowing you to fully concentrate on your patients. The ergonomic design of the easy-to-maneuver system trolley further supports fast operation and data entry.

Ready to go in less than a minute

Siremobil Compact L is designed to make your work as effective and easy as possible. It provides a very short start-up time, so the entire system is ready for imaging within only 40 seconds, thus providing you with fast operational readiness whenever and wherever you need it.

Intuitive operation for fast results

Siremobil Compact L combines intelligent design with utmost user-friendliness. Its straightforward user menu is especially aligned to your clinical demands. Simple entry screens, cursor control, and self-explanatory icon buttons (shortcuts) speed your way through the menus. The selection of system configurations, network functions, and application parameters is equally intuitive, and the most important functions can be chosen with a single keystroke – workflow the way it should be.

Storage capabilities and connectivity that really pay off

Siremobil Compact L comes with the renowned MEMOSKOP CX imaging system, which offers individual storage capacities from 25 to 5,000 images. For comfortable playback of images series, “Auto Loop” is a standard feature on continuous fluoroscopy, pulsed fluoroscopy, and subtraction.
Siremobil Compact L also includes a CD drive. The optional CD-writing functionality helps you store your images or make them available for other viewing or imaging systems. Another convenient interface is the USB port, for image export in JPEG or BMP format.
Comprehensive DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication) options including DICOM Send/Receive, Storage Commitment, Print, Worklist, and Query/Retrieve and the optional connection of an external monitor make Siremobil Compact L a highly versatile system, which is able to meet today`s operational and networking demands.

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